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meadow with flowers, Alaska

Alaska Cruise Tips, Travel Articles & Videos

Alaska cruise excursions deliver the type of "wow moments" that linger in memories forever. It could be the sudden sighting of a humpback’s fluke or calving ice plunging into the ocean. It could be when the cloud curtain parts to reveal the majestic Denali. These Alaska cruise travel articles, videos and Cruisetour highlights get you closer to your Alaska dream experience, whatever that means to you.

A couple views the glaciers on an Alaska cruise

Tips for Alaska Cruisetours

Whether you're planning what to pack for Alaska or want to know more about overland travel on your land and sea Cruisetour, these helpful tips will ensure you have the finest vacation experience possible.

Alaska Travel Articles: Places To See

Let your imagination run wild. Discover things to do in Alaska in each breathtaking place. There are so many activities, from Alaska fishing trips to bear viewing and glacier tours. Get inspired for every epic adventure.

Alaska Travel Articles: Alaska's Wildlife

When it comes time to decide what to do in Alaska, consider a wildlife excursion. Some of the world’s most fascinating creatures call Alaska home, from massive brown bears to bighorn sheep, caribou, rare seabirds, and several species of whale. Learn the best time to visit Alaska to see your favorite animals and where they like to hangout.

Things to Do: Alaska Cruise Videos

Meet the people who make our Alaska cruise excursions exceptional. They share a single passion—showing you Alaska’s many wonders, whether by land or sea. Thanks to these guides, your Alaska cruise or Cruisetour will be the one of your dreams.

Explore More Of Denali

Tracy Smith, General Manager of McKinley Chalet Resort shows this exclusive Holland America Line property just outside of Denali National Park. Two- and three-night stays include a guided Tundra Wilderness Tour into the park to view wildlife.

White Pass & Yukon Route

Take a journey rich in history aboard the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad out of Skagway, Alaska. Operating since 1898, after the discovery of gold in the Klondike, enjoy the majesty of the Yukon as you traverse some of the North’s most rugged terrain.

Gold Dredge 8

John Binkley introduces the history of Fairbanks, Alaska, and how to pan for gold at Gold Dredge 8.

Riverboat Discovery

On this Alaska cruise excursion, Captain Ryan Binkley takes guests on a tour along Alaska's interior rivers aboard the riverboat Discovery III.

Sharing The Local Flavor

Served exclusively at Holland America Line locations throughout Alaska, the brewmasters at Talkeetna-based Denali Brewing share their passion for fermentation to create a quality Alaska experience.