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Salmon steaks

Best Alaska Food

Alaska food is full of great flavor. A list of the best food in Alaska from king crab legs to reindeer sausage.

Best Alaska Food: Must-Try Dishes And Drinks

Taste Your Way Across The Great Land

One of Alaska’s best kept secrets is its amazing regional flavors. Sure, Alaska might not have New York’s variety or Paris’ elevated style, but when it comes to rustic fare and big portions, Alaska is the place. As you cruise to Alaska, you can get to know its rich culinary legacy on tours in partnership with FOOD & WINE® magazine. Partake in Alaska excursions featuring regional cooking demonstrations, salmon bakes and more that were designed for a deeper connection to the Great Land. 

Here’s the best Alaska food, from seafood to reindeer sausage and beyond.

Best Alaska Seafood

Expect copious amounts of mouthwatering seafood, as fresh as it gets

Wild Alaska Salmon

Grilled, smoked, baked and even chowderized, Alaska salmon is a must-try. Ketchikan is the salmon capital, but you can find all five varieties of Alaska salmon everywhere. Fish for it yourself on Alaska fishing trips and have your catch prepared as part of a tasty meal. Giant king salmon is the state’s official fish and locals harvest more than 100 million salmon a year. 

Fish And Chips

After working up an appetite on an excursion, warm up with golden fillets and a mountain of fries served sizzling in a basket. Notice the perfect harmony between flaky, crunchy and salty. Pair it with a hand-crafted brew. Typically made from halibut, cod or rockfish.

Salmon Chowder

Cold climate dwellers know how to cook up a soup. Alaska smoke salmon chowder is heaven in a sourdough bread bowl, especially on a chilly day. 

Alaskan Crab Of All Kinds

Alaskans can’t get enough crab. Found in the icy waters of the North Pacific, Alaskan king crab is the most prized delicacy. King crab legs are one of the best Alaska dishes to try, but don’t sleep on the crab cakes, casseroles and other iterations. Read about the Bering Sea Crab Fishermen’s Tour and find out about this unique crabbing adventure. 

Other Best Alaska Dishes


Spicy reindeer sausage is a hearty side or main during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Pick up a pack of reindeer sausage jerky for a great snack. Or savor a steaming bowl of reindeer chili, sometimes on the menu of our McKinley Explorer® Alaska train to Denali National Park. Versatile and healthier than beef or pork, reindeer might become your favorite protein source if you can get over that whole Rudolph thing.


Fireweed is a beautiful fuchsia flower, named so because it’s the first to spring up after a wildfire. A best Alaska food for sweets and desserts, it’s made into delectable ice cream, jellies and honey. 


From familiar to blueberries to northern favorites like cloudberries and lingonberries, there’s something about Alaskan berries. Savor these delicious treats. Pick up a pint at a farmer’s market or order a berry cobbler, served warm with a scoop of vanilla.

Local Coffee

Alaska is one of the most caffeinated U.S. states and Alaskans tend to get their fix from local roasters. Kaladi Brothers is the big name in brew here and you will find it available at cafes and coffee carts across the Great Land.  

Birch Syrup

Spicier and more acidic than maple syrup and harder to produce, birch syrup sweetens ice cream, jams and even cocktails in Alaska. 

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