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A photo of the Andes Mountains along with notice of a 2019 Travy award for Best Cruise Line Central & South America from Travel Pulse

South America & Antarctica Cruises

Prepare to get wild. South America cruises explore a continent rich in ancient ruins, cosmopolitan cities, and all types of terrain, from the towering Andes to lush rainforests and Patagonian grasslands. Cross the Drake Passage to take in the noticeable silence and dramatic ice shelves on Antarctica cruises. Each cruise includes an overnight stay, so you will have extra time to catch a tango show in Buenos Aires or soar through the treetops of Panama’s Soberanía National Park on an aerial tram. Marvel at the engineering wonders of the Panama Canal. Discover quaint colonial towns lining the golden coasts of Peru and Ecuador. Glide the majestic Chilean fjords and the rugged Strait of Magellan. See the largest gentoo penguin colony in the world. Journey to the edge of the world with us.

Discover the Dynamic Antarctica & South America


Antarctica Experience

Escape to the ends of the earth. Literally. Rollicking penguins and massive, steel-blue icebergs draw many to Antarctica cruises, but there’s more to the White Continent. The strange silence of a truly untouched land lingers in memories forever. And then there are the whales. So many whales.
Cruising along the Amazon River.

Amazon Explorer

Voyage from Caribbean islands into the Amazon rainforest. Pink dolphins, scarlet macaws, and the two-toned Meeting of Waters list a few of many amazing possibilities. Sint Maarten, St. Lucia, French Guiana are also on the itinerary and a day on our private island, Half Moon Cay caps off the journey.

Antarctica Cruise & South America Featured Cruise Ports

A view of Ushuaia, Argentina the Southern most tip of South America while on a South America cruise

Ushuaia, Argentina

Dramatic, fantastical, otherworldly—this is the end of the world, for real. Positioned at the southernmost tip of Argentina, this memorable port town is cradled between the pristine—and towering—Martial Mountains and accessed by the picturesque Beagle Channel.
Picture of a couple dancing in Buenos Aires, Argentina while on a Seabourn luxury South America cruise

Buenos Aires, Argentina

A slew of attractions and architectural jewels await on Buenos Aires overnights. Explore the vibrant plazas of the Palermo neighborhood or go behind the scenes of renowned restaurants on a culinary walk.
An aerial view of a port in Manaus, Brazil while on a South America cruise

Manaus, Brazil

If ever a city were a model for boom and bust, it would be Manaus. Like in America’s Old West, great fortunes were amassed in no time here and vanished just as quickly during the late-19th-century boom years of rubber production.
A sunset view of the town of Punta Arenas, Chile on a South America cruise

Punta Arenas, Chile

If Punta Arenas exudes an "edge of the world" air, it's not without reason. This windblown city near Chile's southernmost tip sits on the Strait of Magellan, which itself is positioned squarely between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. 
A seagull overlooking the water with San Antonio (Santiago), Chile in the background while on a cruise to South America

San Antonio (Santiago), Chile

This large, modern port serves Chile’s capital, Santiago, a city with Spanish colonial charm and a vivacious spirit. Encircled by the Andes and the Coastal Range, Santiago is centered around the Plaza de Armas, with several of the city’s landmarks.

Featured Shore Excursions

South America Cruise Onboard Experience

From the Chilean Fjords to the Machu Picchu, South America is richly diverse and complex, a feast for the senses and the spirit. What awaits in Buenos Aires’ intimate barrios? Learn about the places locals love to frequent. Discover the riches of Cartagena, Colombia, from its graceful 16th-century architecture to its flavorful cuisine. Explore the vast, frozen land of Antarctica, including the wild creatures and researchers who call it home. Experience Ushuaia, Argentina, at the bottom of the world. Discover Manaus, Brazil, base camp for Amazon adventure.

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