• Post: Inside Look at Fortress of the Bear
    Published On: Mar 17, 2023|Categories: Activities, Tours & Land Programs|Views: 488|

    Majestic, adorable and fierce, bears top the list of must-see animals on Alaska cruises. But sightings are never 100% guaranteed, even on guided wildlife safaris. And who wants to encounter a 900-pound brown bear by themselves? One way to safely cross bears off your bucket list is with an Alaska shore excursion to Fortress of the Bear in Sitka. ...

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  • Post: Here Are the Best Places for Wildlife Sightings in Alaska
    Published On: Mar 02, 2023|Categories: Featured Travel, Travel Inspiration, Where to Travel|Views: 730|

    Alaska isn’t just home to towering blue glaciers and dense green forests. You’ll find bears flocking to the water for their catch of the day, whales breaking through the sea’s surface to exhale, and bald eagles soaring across the sky. Looking for the best places for wildlife sightings? Here are some of the magical creatures that have made Alaska ...

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  • Post: How to Find the Best Binoculars for Wildlife Viewing in Alaska
    Published On: Mar 02, 2023|Categories: Preparations|Views: 1186|

    Alaska is a prime destination for wildlife viewing. But if you don’t have suitable binoculars, that Alaska brown bear and her cubs might look like … a few blurred dots. That mountain goat? Nothing but a spec. That humpback whale? A floating log. Find the best binoculars for wildlife viewing so you don’t miss a single magical moment. Everyone ...

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  • Post: Moose, Bears & Caribou, Oh My! Getting to Know ‘The Big Five’ Animals of Alaska
    Published On: Oct 28, 2016|Categories: Travel Inspiration, Where to Travel|Views: 2727|

    While the Alaska cruise season is coming to a close, we're sure you're already dreaming of booking your Alaska adventure for 2017. After all, Holland America Line is celebrating our 70th year in The Last Frontier next year so it's the perfect time to go. One of the highlights of every Alaska cruise is the wildlife. Not only can you ...

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  • Post: Explore Under the Sea Without Getting Wet on a Submarine Shore Excursion
    Published On: Oct 14, 2016|Categories: Activities, Shore Excursions|Views: 698|

    Holland America Line offers thousands of Journeys Ashore appealing to a wide variety of interests. Whether you seek active and adventurous or cultural and calm, we showcase some of the best sites and activities at each port. While there can be much to see on land, a tour that takes you below the surface without getting wet makes for a ...

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  • Post: Giddy Up For These Exciting Equestrian Shore Excursions Around the World
    Published On: Mar 11, 2016|Categories: Activities, Tours & Land Programs|Views: 504|

    Call all horse-lovers and those who just seek an adventure! Saddle up for a gallop across the globe! From the warm beaches of the Caribbean to breathtaking mountains of Iceland, Holland America Line offers many shore excursions for cruisers to go horseback riding. Whether you’re a cowboy, cowgirl or just someone looking for a little excitment, “tack up” and hold ...

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  • Post: Are Seeing Penguins on Your Bucket List? Take These Tours Down South
    Published On: Aug 21, 2015|Categories: Travel Inspiration, Where to Travel|Views: 726|

    Holland America Line cruises travel all over the world, and some of the most unique and exciting shore excursions are the many wildlife tours highlighting native species unique to an area. If you’re cruising to South America or Australia and New Zealand, keep your eyes peeled for an adorable little bird unique to the South Pole. With their tuxedo-like coloring, ...

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  • Post: Dolphin Encounter at Cabo San Lucas
    Published On: May 24, 2013|Categories: Activities, Shore Excursions|Views: 512|

    Swimming with dolphins is just one of the many exciting shore excursion adventures passengers can experience on their Holland America Cruise Line. Thanks to Liz Day for sharing her tour while at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. What a great shore excursion in Cabo San Lucas. It was a great way to spend a day with "Aqua," one of the dolphins ...

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