Explore Iceland’s Natural Wonders on These Incredible Tours

View of pathway over Iceland waters with person looking out in the distance.

Explore a dazzling array of natural wonders on a cruise to Iceland. You can walk between tectonic plates, watch geysers erupt, and stand at the edge of a massive waterfall on the same tour. During summer, you’ll get the unique thrill of the Midnight Sun and in winter, the elusive Northern Lights. Few places have Iceland’s stunning variation in terrain.

Here’s how to experience Iceland’s breathtaking natural beauty on guided tours:

1. Golden Circle Tours

Golden Circle Tours from Reykjavik visit three of Iceland’s most incredible sites.

At Thingvellir National Park, walk between tectonic plates and see Europe’s oldest national assembly, then stop at the majestic Gullfoss—a two-tiered waterfall—to watch rainbows dance above the cascading water. A visit to the geysers is also on the list. Strokkur, the most entertaining of the geysers, shoots a spray up to 131 feet (40 meters) into the air.

There are a few options for Golden Circle Tours. Find the one that works for you in our shore excursions.

Waterfall in Iceland with rainbow and blue sky.
Watch rainbows dance over waterfalls.

2. Volcanoes & Lava Fields

Volcanoes give Iceland its lunar-like surface. Lava fields are vast, open fields where lava once flowed. Some lava fields still fume with tendrils of steam; others are blanketed in thick green moss. There are many Iceland guided tours to experience the “fire” of the Land of Fire and Ice.

The Iceland Tomorrow: The Ancient Ring of Fire circles the active 2,635-foot Hengill Volcano, a few miles outside Reykjavik.

If you’re feeling adventurous, take a helicopter tour over the Reykjanes Peninsula to get an eagle eye view of rugged coastlines and craters. If you’re not into heights, you can go into a lava tube via the Let’s Go Volcano! tour.

3. Iceland’s Hot Springs

Bathing in a geothermal spring is part of Icelandic culture and key to staying happy in all weather. Hot springs are gathering spaces where locals go to catch up. You can take a guided tour of the iconic Blue Lagoon from Reykjavik. Once in the lagoon, float up to stations to slather on a silica mask or sip a drink.

The Blue Lagoon is just the beginning. There are hot springs all around Iceland. Some are resort-like facilities with pools and spas and others are more secluded.

View of geyser spraying upward from rocky ground.
Watch geysers spray up into the air.

4. Fjords & Glaciers

Iceland boasts 109 fjords and 269 named glaciers. On cruises to Isafjordur, take the Fjords & Flowers tour to the staggering cliffs of Isafjordur for excellent views of the glittering fjord and the picturesque farms along its banks.

To experience Iceland’s glaciers, ride a super-truck from Reykjavik into the countryside on the Glacier Safari. Traverse glacial ice and snow to the Ice Cave, a magnificent, artificial cave 100-feet beneath the glacier’s frozen surface. Learn how glaciologists use the cave to study the glacier.

5. Creatures of Iceland

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next children’s book, Iceland is the place to go. There are fascinating creatures all around the country, from charcoal-gray arctic foxes to wooly sheep roaming the hillsides, to shaggy-haired horses and rainbow-beaked puffins.

Cruise to Vigur Bird Island from Isafjordur harbor to see puffins, eider ducks and arctic terns. Stroll around the island to spot birds enjoying their natural habitats.

Iceland is Northern Europe’s whale-watching capital. Take a whale-watching tour to watch for the humpbacks as well as blue, fin and minke whales that call Iceland home. The chances you will see a whale are high.

In Iceland, a horse isn’t just a horse (of course). They have swooping side-parted manes, a unique gait, and a smaller stature. See a horse show or take a riding adventure into the countryside.

Inspired by Iceland? Share the tour you would like to take in the comments below.

Article by Amanda Halm


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