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Culinary Shore Excursions

Holland America Line has delivered immersive culinary experiences for our guests for more than a dozen years. This has now evolved into an exciting, engaging and ever-expanding selection of culinary-themed shore excursion tours that explore food, wine and culture in some of the world's most renowned gastronomic hot spots.


Tasty Samplings


You can shop with a renowned Barcelona chef and create an extraordinary meal together. Discover the secret to making perfect pizza crust in Naples, where it was born. Or explore a family-owned Santorini vineyard and sample their delicious wines.


Northern Europe

Imagine touring a distillery in Reykjavik and raising a glass of handcrafted spirits with the owner. Experiencing cutting-edge “neo-Fjordic” cuisine in Bergen. Or learning to make smørrebrød (classic open-faced sandwiches) in Copenhagen!

Australia & New Zealand

Meet chef Roy Choi, father of the gourmet food-truck movement, in Melbourne. Sip an award-winning Syrah in one of Hawke’s Bay’s most renowned wineries. Stroll through the lush gardens at Glenfalloch in Dunedin, before dining on a sumptuous feast.


Paradise will be found through ramen adventures, dumpling lessons, “wet” market tours, and an array of culinary experiences. From hands-on cooking classes in Thailand to dining out in one of Singapore’s famed hawker centers, the world is yours!

Mexico, Central & South America

Visit a coffee plantation in Antigua, fish for King Crab in the Beagle Channel or dine in Puerto Vallarta’s renowned Barrio Bistro run by superstar chef Guillermo Wulff. Discover cuisine with heat and complexity.


Refreshing. Spicy. Flavorful. Explore the cuisines of the Caribbean. Observe traditional rum-making techniques in Barbados and sip the results. Master ceviche in a hands-on cooking class in Curaçao. Savor jerk chicken in Jamaica.

Canada & New England

Discover the charm and character of Quebec City and delight in authentic poutine and maple syrup-in-fused treats. Or enjoy an old-fashion, trap-to-plate lobster bake in Bar Harbor. You'll experience Canada & New England though all your senses.

Hawaii & The South Pacific

Explore Kona’s remarkable coffee. Experience the delicious collision of fresh, Tahitian ingredients and French cuisine at one of Papeete’s finest restaurant. Get a behind-the-scenes look at Hawaii’s regional cuisine and farm-to-market movement.


Enjoy saffron-infused bouillabaisse with freshly caught fish and fire-warmed sourdough rolls—the world’s best camp meal. Explore the Anchorage craft-beer scene and wines of Port Alberni. Dine at a traditional crab shack and more.