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Food & Wine (R) Shore Excursions (TM)

FOOD & WINE® Tours In Mexico, Central And South America

In South America, explore the continent’s diverse array of cuisines on your choice of FOOD & WINE® tours, a Holland America Line exclusive. Take a small-group walking tour of Buenos Aires, stopping in three distinctive restaurants, where you’ll dine on empanadas, choripan (sausage with French baguette), barbecued meats, grilled provoleta cheese, chimichurri and Argentine red wine. . In Costa Rica, trace the fascinating journey from berry to your favorite morning drink at the Espiritu Santo Cooperative Coffee Plantation. You can also help prepare a pura vida farm-to-table meal with your chef at Costa Rica’s Macaw Lodge Private Reserve. Learn to distinguish silver, reposado and añejo tequilas at a tequileria in Ensenada. After a hands-on cooking demo in Huatulco, feast on shrimp with green chilis and avocado-tomatillo sauce at El Grillo Marinero in Santa Cruz.