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Food & Wine (R) Shore Excursions (TM)

Asia FOOD & WINE® Tours

Only on your Holland America Line cruise, time-honored tradition and a lively spirit of innovation inform the cuisines of Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan and Singapore on our culinary tours™ in partnership with FOOD & WINE®. Explore Japan’s fascinating and diverse food culture with Brian MacDuckston, one of the world’s foremost ramen experts. Visit a wet market, then enjoy a uniquely Singaporean experience: eating in a hawker center. Take a food-hopping tour that explores Shanghai’s less- trodden streets, dining on everything from lamb kebabs to decadent desserts. In Taipei, visit a traditional market; learn to make the iconic soup dumplings, xialongbao; and experience the Ning Hsia Night Market, where you’ll sample five of the Market’s most beloved snacks. In Bangkok, join renowned chef Dwight Turner of the Courageous Kitchen on a hands-on shopping trip and cooking class; dine at Sra Bua, one of the city’s best Thai restaurants; or head out to the countryside to explore traditional Thai cuisine and culture.