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  • Post: Seattle and Vancouver Pre- and Post-Cruise Packages
    Published On: Jan 29, 2014|Categories: Booking, Cruise Planning|Views: 2062|

    During a Holland America Line cruise to Alaska, the sights and sounds of the Frontier State are front and center during the seven-day voyage. …

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  • Post: Kayaking in Sitka, Alaska
    Published On: Jul 29, 2009|Categories: Activities, Shore Excursions|Views: 473|

    Zaandam called at Sitka, Alaska yesterday. This year is an anomaly economically and weather-wise. It is July in Alaska and the weather we had in May was both brighter and warmer. I am guessing mid to high 50’s today with gray skies and drizzle. The touring goes on regardless of weather and we are in the Tongass National Rainforest, the ...

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  • Post: Anthony’s Alaska Adventure: Fairbanks
    Published On: May 26, 2009|Categories: Travel Inspiration, Where to Travel|Views: 600|

    Having left the country charm of Beaver Creek behind we find ourselves in Fairbanks, Alaska. Fairbanks is a moderately large city and has all the trappings of modern life. That being said, it’s a nice break from the countryside as it offers us a chance to stop for supplies and things we need for the trip. The Westmark Fairbanks towers ...

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