Newest Voyage Category is Truly Legendary

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25-to 59-day extended itineraries combine the splendor of Grand Voyages with a journey that enriches the destination

Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Holland America Line’s new cruise category, Legendary Voyages, is out to prove the destinations matter, too.

Holland America Line is globally renowned for its expertise in longer voyages. Now, to commemorate our 150th anniversary, we are launching Legendary Voyages, combining the ceremony and splendor of our Grand Voyages with extended itineraries, carefully crafted on board and on shore to ensure the journey enriches the destination.

Legendary Voyages are 25- to 59-day extended explorations of a part of the world that goes deeper into the story not only by the unique ports selected, but through curated programming. Some of the voyages will be familiar to Holland America Line guests, such as the 35-day Voyage of the Vikings or the 28-day Amazon Explorer. But the 17 initial Legendary Voyages also include brand new innovative itineraries such as the 53-day Majestic Japan (roundtrip from Seattle) and the 28-day Coral Triangle, Volcanoes and The Great Barrier Reef (roundtrip from Singapore). Furthering the line’s commitment to seeing the world from your doorstep, nine of the Legendary Voyages sail roundtrip from a U.S. Homeport, meaning North American guests are just a drive or short flight away from exploring the world.

Aerial photo of Amazon River winding through lush green jungle in South America.

Explore the Amazon.

Paul Grigsby leads Holland America Line’s deployment and itinerary planning team:

“It works best when we have a theme to craft the itineraries around. Voyage of the Vikings is a good example where we collected countries in the North Atlantic region that were on the route of early Viking Explorers such as modern-day Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, as well as Labrador and Newfoundland.  Each of the countries by themselves are superb destinations, but knowing they are weaved together by a thread of history makes it all the more interesting.”

The Legendary Voyages will stand out not only because of their uniquely crafted itineraries, but the special programming that will be part of every trip:

  • The best of Grand Voyage on-board events such as iconic theme parties, memorable sailaways, and classic cruise activities.
  • Shipboard programming specially curated to share insights into the history and culture of destinations visited.
  • More time to explore port cities with overnight stays including Anchorage, Alaska, Hobart, Tasmania; Honolulu, Hawaii; Manaus, Brazil; Moorea, French Polynesia; Papeete, Tahiti; Reykjavík, Iceland; and Yokohama (Tokyo) and Kobe, Japan.
Aerial photo of French Polynesia islands.

Experience the beauty of French Polynesia.

One example of how Legendary Voyages will create an enriching story for guests is the 28-day Coral Triangle, Volcanoes and The Great Barrier Reef embarking from Singapore on Jan. 5, 2025. By visiting unique ports, guest will sail waters that are home to over 30% of the world’s coral reefs and 76% of its coral species.  Plus, there are three principal volcano experiences that include Rabaul, Papua New Guinea, which is home to the very active Tavurvur volcano.  Also, we have planned a sail by Kumba Volcano in the Flores Sea that erupts approximately every 20 minutes. Finally, we will sail by the infamous Krakatoa, which had a colossal eruption in 1883 that not only was heard 3,000 miles away but had worldwide weather impacts.  The eruption caused vivid red sunsets that were the inspiration to Impressionist painters.

“Creating the Coral Triangle cruise was very fulfilling,” Grigsby added.  “It sails in the very center of global marine diversity as well the rich culture heritage of coastal communities in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Australia.  I worked with a marine biologist who is an expert in the region’s marine ecosystem and we mapped out a cruise that even he would love to take with his family.  Also, layering in the story of volcanic geology of the area made it especially fun.”

View of Holland America Line legendary voyage cruise itinerary map.

Fall in love with the Coral Triangle, Volcanoes and The Great Barrier Reef voyage.

The 53-Day Majestic Japan, sailing Sept. 1, 2024, from Seattle (or Sept. 2, 2024, from Vancouver) stands out not only as a North American roundtrip voyage that explores Japan deeply, but for the fascinating ports it visits along the way in each direction, covering both Alaska and Hawaii in the process. The journey starts north to Alaska with glacier exploration and includes seldom visited ports such as Kodiak and Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands. A Pacific crossing is then followed by visits to 13 Japanese ports with overnight stays at Yokohama (Tokyo) and Kobe (Osaka). The return crossing passes historic Iwo Jima and Midway Island before visiting Hawaii, including an overnight at Honolulu and then a return to Seattle.

Legendary is defined as “remarkable enough to be famous; very well-known.” That’s a lot to live up to. But Paul’s team is already crafting the next series of Legendary Voyages, sure to meet this high bar once again.

The 17 initial Legendary Voyages are listed below and are ready for booking immediately where you see links or otherwise in the coming days.

Holland America Line’s Legendary Voyages:

  • 56-Day or 51-day “Tales of the South Pacific” departing Sept. 27 or Oct. 2, 2023, respectively, aboard Volendam. The 56-day is from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to San Diego, California; the 51-day is roundtrip from San Diego.
  • 34-Day “South Pacific Crossing” departing Oct. 8, 2023, aboard Noordam. From San Diego to Sydney, Australia.
  • 28-Day “Amazon Explorer” departing Feb. 17, 2024, aboard Zaandam. Roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  • 35-Day “Hawaii, Tahiti and Marquesas” departing Feb. 17, 2024, aboard Koningsdam. Roundtrip from San Diego.
  • 25-Day “South Pacific Crossing” departing April 6, 2024, aboard Noordam. From Sydney to Vancouver.
  • 28-Day “Arctic Circle Solstice” departing June 9, 2024, aboard Westerdam. Roundtrip from Seattle, Washington.
  • 35-Day “Voyage of the Vikings” departing July 20, 2024, aboard Zuiderdam. Roundtrip from Boston, Massachusetts.
  • 53- or 52-Day “Majestic Japan” departing Sept. 1 or 2, 2024, aboard Westerdam. The 53-day is roundtrip from Seattle; the 52-day is Vancouver to Seattle.
  • 56- or 51-Day “Tales of the South Pacific” departing Sept. 25 or 30, 2024, aboard Zaandam. The 56-day is from Vancouver to San Diego; the 51-day is roundtrip from San Diego.
  • 35-Day “Australia Circumnavigation” departing Nov. 17, 2024, aboard Westerdam. Roundtrip from Sydney.
  • 28-Day “Coral Triangle, Volcanoes and The Great Barrier Reef” departing Jan. 5, 2025, aboard Noordam. Roundtrip from Singapore.
  • 27-Day “Amazon Explorer” departing Feb. 8, 2025, aboard Zaandam. Roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale.
  • 35-Day “Hawaii, Tahiti and Marquesas” departing Feb. 15, 2025, aboard Koningsdam. Roundtrip from San Diego.
  • 29-Day “South Pacific Crossing” departing March 30, 2025, aboard Westerdam. From Sydney to Vancouver.

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