A Sweet Treat to Make During the Holiday Break

View of Holland America Line tea-time holiday dessert that looks like a reindeer with a red chocolate candy nose.

It may be the last week of December, but who said the holiday fun has to end? If you have kids home on a holiday break, we have a sweet treat you can make. Inspired by holiday tea-time desserts aboard Holland America Line cruises, we’ve modified our homemade recipe so you can dive into decorating fun, transforming your treat into a red-nosed reindeer.


Ready-made chocolate tartlets (10 pieces)
Ready-made chocolate ganache (500 grams)
Whipped cream (100 grams)
Red M&M’s (10 pcs)
Tempered dark chocolate (200 grams) for piping antlers and eyes


1. Grab your ready-made chocolate tartlet.
2. Fill the top with chocolate ganache.
3. Use tempered dark chocolate for the eyes and antlers.
4. Use one red M&M for the nose.
5. Grab whipped cream to outline the eyes and nose.

Note: If you don’t have ready-made chocolate tartlets or ganache nearby, consider using chocolate cupcakes and icing as substitutions. You could also use chocolate-covered pretzels for antlers.

We hope you and your loved ones have fun making your red-nosed reindeer sweet treats during the holiday break.

Let the reindeer (decorating) games begin. Happy Holidays!


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