A Father’s Love Leads Daughter to the Sea

People standing near Ushuaia sign with cruise port in background.

Alexa Christine Sale gave her heart to the sea a long time ago, and it’s not just because she dreamt of a career in the cruise line industry. It’s because the sea is where her father, Alex Sale, spent most of his time since she was a little girl. She loved the tales her dad would share when he returned to shore, and she couldn’t wait to have her own stories to tell. Now serving as a lounge concierge for Holland America Line, her story is just beginning, thanks in part to her dad’s encouragement and support.

“As I grew older, I noticed that my dad loved and was passionate about his work, sharing all the places he’d been to and all the people he met,” Alexa said. “After hearing those fun and captivating stories from my dad, it led me to my decision to work in the same industry.”

Alexa’s dad has dedicated 24 years as a seafarer to date, including serving up delightful dishes as a chef with Holland America Line earlier in his career. His passion and encouragement inspired Alexa to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Leisure & Tourism Management. Just a few years later, she joined the guest services team at Holland America Line. Her family has supported and cheered her on every step – and nautical mile – of the way.

Holland America Line crew member on deck with glacier in background.

While she loves sailing the seas and working with people from different countries, she especially loves connecting with her dad in destinations around the world. Most recently, they met for lunch in Ushuaia, a city in Argentina. Whether it’s a few hours or a full day, any time they have together is treasured beyond measure. And though they both have stories to share now, she can’t help but continue looking up to him in awe.

“Our dads are all superheroes that don’t wear capes,” she said. “It just happens that mine is wearing a chef’s toque. He’s a kind of superhero that will not get tired of providing for his family; a superhero that will definitely give up everything for their family; and a kind of superhero who is thriving every day and his family looks up to him in everything that he does. I am so lucky to say that I have my own superhero, and I call him my father.”

Though Alexa and her dad are sailing the seas and likely won’t be able to connect until next year for her sister’s graduation, she shared this special message for him: “I just want to say, Papa, that I am so proud of you and everything that you do. I know that you are passionate, and you love what you are doing. I am forever thankful that God gave you and mama as our parents – that is my greatest blessing. Happy Father’s Day, Papa!”

To all the awesome dads out there, whether you’re at sea or ashore, we wish you a very happy Father’s Day.


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  1. Alex Sale June 17, 2023 at 3:13 pm - Reply

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH HOLLAND, for this great opportunity, given us.. It’s our pleasure and honor. Our family is very proud. It’s never even in my wildest dream one day our story will be featured.. Once again thank you very much in behalf of my wife Rowena and Alexa and Alexis.

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