Experience the 2024 Solar Eclipse at Sea

View of solar eclipse.

Make the unforgettable experience of a total solar eclipse more memorable on a wraparound deck of a perfectly-sized ship at sea. Join us for this rare cosmic phenomenon aboard Koningsdam and Zaandam, where guests will have exclusive access to lectures, demonstrations and firsthand tips from astronomy experts on how to make the most of a spectacular view.

University of California San Diego Professor Adam Burgasser will join guests on Koningsdam as the ship sails off the coast of Mexico in the thin “path of totality” for the April 8, 2024, total solar eclipse. Burgasser is a professor of astronomy and astrophysics, an observational astrophysicist, and the principal investigator at the university’s “Cool Star Lab.”

“We’re positioning our ships in the perfect location for guests to see the eclipse,” said Bill Prince, vice president of entertainment for Holland America Line. “For many, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so being able to receive the guidance of a renowned physicist like Dr. Burgasser is an exciting opportunity for our guests. We’re known for creating immersive programming, and this will be an unforgettable live event.”

Leading up to the eclipse, Burgasser will educate guests through special lectures on the ship’s World Stage and help them create their own eclipse viewers. During the eclipse, he will help guests safely view and understand this rare occurrence from unique positions on the ship.

Aerial view of Holland America Line cruise ship.

Sail the seas aboard Koningsdam for the 2024 Solar Eclipse.

“This first total solar eclipse in North America in seven years is something astronomers — amateur and professional — are all excited to observe, and there’s no better or unique place to observe it than at sea off the coast of Mexico,” said Burgasser. “I look forward to joining Holland America Line guests aboard Koningsdam to witness this phenomenon and help them better understand the science and history behind it.”

Koningsdam will embark on a 22-day Solar Eclipse Cruise on April 5, which positions the ship along the coast of Mexico for a total view before crossing the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii. The ship departs San Diego and heads south to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, before spending the day at sea on April 8 for the eclipse. Koningsdam will then stop at Puerto Vallarta in Mexico before crossing over to Hawaii.

Guests aboard Zaandam will have access to lectures and demonstrations by Guest Presenter Jim McParland, who will lend his expertise to the eclipse experience. Zaandam will depart March 30 on a 14-day Solar Eclipse Cruise roundtrip from San Diego and will be positioned for a total view of the eclipse as it tracks over Mexico. The ship will be in Mazatlán, Mexico, on eclipse day.

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime by sailing the seas on a 2024 Solar Eclipse cruise. We look forward to welcoming you aboard for this cosmic event.


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