Congratulations to Our 150th Anniversary Poster Contest Winner

View of Holland America Line posters over the years.

The 150th anniversary festivities for Holland America Line are in full swing, and we couldn’t be more excited! As we prepare for a transatlantic voyage from New York City to Rotterdam, the Netherlands – retracing (in reverse) the company’s original voyage – we knew it was the perfect time to announce the winner of our 150th Anniversary Poster Contest that launched in February.

Cue the drumroll…

We’re pleased to announce that Austin Thomas has won the grand prize of an Alaska cruise, sailing by Sept. 28, 2024, for his beautiful artwork commemorating Holland America Line’s milestone celebration.

150th anniversary poster contest winner celebrating Holland America Line.

When asked what inspired his design for the poster contest, he shared his desire to look back at the company’s history while also looking to its future.

“Because this was such an impressive anniversary, I wanted to dig into the history,” Thomas said. “Holland America Line is still impacting families and giving them life changing experiences 150 years later, but in a different way. I wanted to illustrate how excited a family immigrating to America in the 1800s might be seeing a modern-day family able to travel and see the world for leisure. And vice versa, how excited a modern family might be to spot a vessel straight out of the history books.”

In researching our posters over the years, he developed a deep appreciation for their approach and sentiment.

“The vintage style gives a real character to the brand that affirms its history and commitment to aesthetic detail. The posters give a sense that you’re in for a larger-than-life experience and all seem to highlight that in an unexpected way. It felt like capturing those same sentiments would be crucial to my illustration.”

When Thomas was notified that his poster was the winning entry, he couldn’t believe it. He said it was a dream come true, and having never been on a cruise, he can’t wait to experience a journey at sea.

“I love that Holland America Line provides people an accessible and fun way to experience the world. Travel has been very formative for me, so I look forward to the opportunity to see a new place for a completely different perspective on the water.”

Did you know?

Holland America Line was one of the first cruise lines to use the Art Deco style in its poster designs. In the early 1900s, Art Deco was emerging as a modern yet futuristic style with bold colors, sharp angles and incredible detail. It conveyed a transition from the old to the new.

It wasn’t uncommon to see New York City captured in wording or imagery, as it conveyed a place of new opportunity and adventures.


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  1. Ricardo April 16, 2023 at 8:56 am - Reply

    It’s always a good feeling to be on board one of HAL ships, sharing my birthday with the cruise line, on which I have been cruising since 1999, with over 750 nights on board almost every ship.

    On board VOLENDAM
    April 18, 2023

  2. Hari Supriyono April 8, 2023 at 4:33 am - Reply

    I’m 66 years old now and I am Indonesian I worked for HAL cruises from 1983 until 2003(last sailing),I started the position aboard as a restaurant waiter-wine steward-last as a head steward.I have criused for round the world trip twice,mediteranean,caribbean ,alaska and south american trip.
    Now I stay at home with my grand children and in my daughter’s family.
    CONGRATULATION to Mr.Austin Thomas for being a winner in creating a 150th Anniversary of Holland America Lines Poster.Enjoy the the Alaskan cruise as prize and really you deserve it.
    I believe you have the same feelling as I did when I unexpectedly found my name as a winner entry out of eighties in creating the inhouse Magazine for Holland America line the eighties.The name of the inhouse magazine is “INSIGHT VISSION” and do hope that now that inhouse magazine exists still.The prize was the,free ticket for joining the cruise,but related to the situation at that time I decided to prefer cash rather than cruising.
    Okey enjoy the cruise Austin !!!

  3. Bond April 7, 2023 at 6:13 pm - Reply

    Very disappointed with the winning poster design. It depicts nothing about HAL and can easily just be any shipping lines! By looking at the previous poster designs, I feel sad that we certainly run out of good graphic design talents.

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