Our Crew Celebrates a Holland America Line Love Story

View of bride, groom and friends after wedding ceremony on Holland America Line cruise.

Love was in the air for Holland America Line crew members, Ammar and Faye, when they met aboard Koningsdam in 2023. Ammar had recently joined the team as the onboard crew doctor, and Faye was the hotel executive assistant. Intrigued by one another, they decided to go on a date – a date that was anything but ordinary. After all, how many people fall in love on their first date…in Tahiti?

View of couple visiting a park while on Tahiti cruise.
First date in Tahiti.

Their love continued to bloom over the following months as they cruised around the globe. Faye loved the way he genuinely cares about people, and though caring for others is what he loves most about his job, she said it’s just in his nature.

Ammar was captivated by Faye’s sincerity and honesty. “The way she shows her faith and belief in our relationship is beyond everything, and she continues to amaze me every day. Plus, whenever I feel stuck on something, her opinion matters a lot.”

Faye’s opinion especially mattered one day in the fall of 2023. While cruising the Mediterranean, Ammar got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. It was an instantaneous “yes!”

View of couple in white formal attire on Holland America Line cruise, standing on staircase for engagement photo.
Faye and Ammar celebrate their engagement while sailing the seas with Holland America Line. 

The Big Day

The couple began planning their wedding right away, selecting Jan. 10 for the big occasion. Both were assigned to work aboard Westerdam in early 2024. This would allow Faye’s father, who also works on ships, to be there. It would also take place during an extended stay in the Philippines.

Though they wanted a shoreside wedding, things didn’t go as planned and they weren’t sure what to do. That’s when the Holland America Line crew stepped in.

Cue Operation Wedding Bells. Their mission: To quickly organize the most breathtaking ceremony and celebration for their friends, Ammar and Faye.

Wedding Checklist

  • The Dress: Gifted to Faye by Ammar’s parents.
  • The Guests: Faye’s family joined them on board and Ammar’s family tuned in via livestream. Crew members also attended as witnesses to the event.
  • The Ceremony: Beautifully decorated and hosted in the Crow’s Nest.
  • The Food: Curated in the main Dining Room.
  • The Vibe: Unforgettably romantic.

Though they were nervous to share their impromptu vows, they spoke from the heart and felt not only the love from one another but also from their family, friends and fellow crew.

When asked about their plans for a honeymoon, Faye playfully noted that every day feels like a honeymoon. After all, they get to sail around the world for a living! Right now, they’re just focused on making the most of every day with each other, working for a company they love with a crew they consider family.

“We feel so honored to have been helped by the crew,” Faye said. “We would like to say a special thanks to senior management for making all of this possible. Without their support and genuine care, it wouldn’t have been this successful. Even if we wanted to do a small celebration, they were the ones making it extra special in every way possible.”

To Ammar and Faye, we wish you many years of love and happiness. Thank you for sharing your Holland America Line story with us.

Have you ever experienced love at first sight or met your match on a Holland America Line cruise? Share your story in the comments below.


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  1. FRANS W EVERS February 13, 2024 at 2:23 am - Reply

    Congratulations to the happy couple and to captain and crew who made this possible. May I say that this is exemplary for the way Hollandamerica crews are always there for you, be it passenger or crew. We were on the Westerdam a few weeks before this festive occasion and as 5 star mariners, sailing on HAL since 2005 are not surprised at all that everybody on the ship was happy to organize this. We wish we could have attended this magnificant wedding! Margreeth and Frans Evers

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