Don’t Forget to Pack These Five Essential Items for Your Caribbean Cruise

The Caribbean cruising season is quickly approaching, and as we prepare to island-hop among the palm-fringed jewels of the region, there are some packing essentials you’ll want to be sure to bring along. These items are in addition to your staples, like clothing, swimsuits, toiletries and flip flops. Whether lounging on the golden beaches of Half Moon Cay or snorkeling in the crystalline waters of Aruba, you’ll be happy you have these items on your travels.

1. Sun Block
The Caribbean is blessed with year-round sunshine and azure skies. This is great for a winter cruise to the region, but it also means the sun it out … and it is strong. Remember to pack your sun screen, and reef safe is best so we can protect the area’s reef system. Don’t forget to reapply throughout the day, as you will burn if you only apply in the morning. While you’re packing sun screen, throw in lip balm with SPF. Your lips can get burned, too!

2. Waterproof Pouch for Your Phone
If you only travel with your phone to take photos of your travels, remember to pack a waterproof phone pouch so you can take your phone in the water and capture your underwater adventures. You’ll be glad you’re able to snap fun photos simply splashing around or even marine life that’s closer to the surface. If you’re diving, you’ll want to bring a proper camera that can withstand the depths.


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3. A Good Sun Hat
The sun is strong, and in addition to sun screen your best protection is a good sun hat – for women and men. Whether you’re on the beach, in the ocean or exploring on horseback, ATV or on a tour, you’ll be glad you have that extra layer of block from the sun.

4. Sun Glasses
This may seem obvious to some, but many people forget to bring sun glasses or leave them on board when going ashore. Along with your skin, you’ll want to protect your peepers from the blazing sun. Plus, with the water reflecting the sun, it’s no fun to spend the day squinting!

woman in raft in ocean

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5. Aloe or After-Sun Gel
Despite using sun block, getting sun burned can happen if you aren’t careful. It’s always a good idea to remember to pack a small tube of aloe or after-sun in case you spend too much time in in the ray and come put a shade of crimson. While purchasing sun block should be possible, it might be harder to find aloe. You’ll want that cooling gel to sooth the sting of the sun.

These are just five items that are a good idea to bring along on your cruise. Tell us some of your other must-pack essentials in the comments!


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  1. GAIL September 22, 2021 at 8:34 pm - Reply

    1) passport
    2) money/credit card
    3) sun screen
    4) flip flops
    5) beach ware

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