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  • Post: How to Prepare for Your Cruise and Embarkation Day
    Published On: Apr 21, 2022|Categories: Cruise Planning, Preparations|Views: 8019|

    It's hard to believe that your cruise is here! Today is departure day, and for the next seven, 10, 12, or maybe even 128 days, you're going to be cruising with us to new and wondrous places. For some of our guests, the ship is the destination and the ports we visit are an added bonus. Regardless, we're thrilled to ...

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  • Post: How to Prepare the Perfect Salmon for Cooking
    Published On: Oct 23, 2019|Categories: Ship Crew, What's New|Views: 641|

    SALMON PREP 101 The foundation of any salmon dish is, of course, the salmon itself. In order to create the perfect salmon dinner, you must take care to prep your cut of fish properly. Remove Pinbones When a fish is filleted, the flesh is removed from the backbone and ribs, but the relatively soft, thin, needle-like pin bones, also known ...

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  • Post: Recipe: Learn How to Prepare the Perfect Salmon Dish from America’s Test Kitchen
    Published On: May 04, 2018|Categories: Ship Crew, What's New|Views: 1010|

    Reminiscing about a past cruise? One of the easiest ways to relive a Holland America Line vacation is by recreating a meal from your cruise that will awaken your taste buds and spark memories from a recent getaway. With Holland America Line's America's Test Kitchen partnership, it's even easier to create a culinary staycation in your own home. During ATK's ...

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  • Post: Taste the Flavors of Mexico
    Published On: Aug 18, 2022|Categories: Activities, Shore Excursions|Views: 771|

    Mexico is a colorful culture, known for its deep history, rich customs and vibrant flavors. Holland America Line's Mexican Riviera and Sea of Cortez cruises are designed to showcase the different facets of each port, so whether you want to learn more about the region, take an adventurous tour or get to know the culture, there's something that will meet ...

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  • Post: Learn to Cook Like a Local on These Five Hands-On Culinary Shore Excursions
    Published On: Sep 24, 2021|Categories: Activities, Shore Excursions|Views: 617|

    Tomorrow is #NationalCookingDay, and the world’s most renowned gastronomic hot spots can be discovered on a Holland America Line cruise. What better way to immerse yourself in a new destination than with an authentic culinary tour and hands-on cooking experience. Explore food, wine and culture on an amazing culinary-themed shore excursion in partnership with FOOD & WINE magazine, or on ...

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