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  • Post: Holland America Line Exhibit at Ellis Island Officially Open
    Published On: Apr 03, 2023|Categories: Featured What's New, What's New|Views: 1525|

    Holland America Line partnered with The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, the 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the eponymous landmarks, to celebrate the cruise line’s 150-year journey from immigrant carrier to consumer ocean liner fleet. An element of the partnership includes a curated exhibit at Ellis Island detailing the brand’s historical prominence in bringing one in 10 immigrants ...

  • Post: Explore Passenger Lists from the Early 1900s
    Published On: Mar 28, 2023|Categories: Featured What's New, What's New|Views: 3114|

    As Holland America Line celebrates its 150th anniversary, people from all over the world can now get a personal look at its role in immigration stories for thousands of families. Back in 2018, CBG | Center for Family History teamed up with Rotterdam City Archives to start digitizing Holland America Line’s passenger lists. These lists are now available on ...

  • Post: Through the Years: Holland America Line’s Seven Rotterdam Ships
    Published On: Jul 21, 2021|Categories: Fleet Features, What's New|Views: 3003|

    Holland America Line is lucky to have several company historians. Two notable figures are Captain Albert Schoonderbeek and Gerald Bernhoft, director Mariner Society. In anticipation of the launch of our new Rotterdam this month, the two brand experts sent in fun facts and information about the previous six Rotterdam ships that have carried the name for our company. Enjoy learning ...


  • Post: 20 Songs That Bring B.B. King’s Blues Club Into Your Home
    Published On: Jul 20, 2020|Categories: Activities, Life on Board|Views: 1456|

    Evenings on board our ships are all about live music, and Holland America Line offers so many irresistible sounds - from Lincoln Center Stage and Rolling Stone Rock Room to Billboard Onboard and B.B. King Blue's Club. Memorable performances from world-class musicians fill each journey with an unforgettable rhythm all its own. Guests can spend time in one place or ...