Cruise the USA, a country of incredible diversity, with such iconic cities as New York, Los Angeles, Boston and San Francisco; a rich cultural tapestry; and an amazingly varied terrain. Whether you choose to cruise the Atlantic or Pacific Coast, Alaska or Hawaii with Holland America Line, you’ll find a wealth of travel experiences awaits on USA cruises. Experience the wild splendors of Alaska and see the majestic Glacier Bay with those who know it best. Visit New York’s world-class museums and restaurants. Kayak Florida’s Everglades. Compare chardonnays in Sonoma. Relive the Revolutionary War in Boston and more on USA cruises.

Scenic Cruising Na Pali Coast

A Napali Coast cruise brings you to the cathedral ridges of Kauai’s North Shore, an area with extraordinary scenery best viewed by water or air. Secure a spot on our spacious decks to breathe in the salty air and take in one of the world’s most dramatic shorelines. On your Napali Coast tour, you will see waterfalls trickling into lush valleys and golden stretches of sand. The cliffs are stunning, rich burgundy at the base and vivid green at the top. Awa’awa’puhi, Pirates Cave Waterfall and Hanakapiai are some of Kauai’s most famous falls. Look for movie spots, such as the Honopu arch. At 60 ft high, it’s the largest natural arch in the islands and separates two sandy coves. Watercrafts are not allowed to land on these two beaches—they are only accessible by swimming, a treacherous journey. Bring binoculars to glimpse secret coves, sea caves and rare monk seals laying out on the sand.  Look for bottlenose and spinner dolphins, who swim in large pods. Sit back and enjoy the Garden Island’s spectacular show.

Scenic cruising Endicott Arm/Dawes Glacier

Find out about the amazing scenery and wildlife you’ll experience on an Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier cruise with Holland America Line. 
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Scenic cruising Endicott Arm

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Cruising Behm Canal

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At sea (Gulf of Alaska)

The truly deep tangle of trees begins in British Columbia: The world’s largest coastal temperate rain forest stretches from Vancouver Island and the Canadian mainland here up through Alaska’s panhandle. Glaciers sculpted this stunning wilderness; in fact, their high-water marks remain visible. The massive sheets of ice smoothed and rounded any terrain under a mile high. The peaks, sharp and craggy, slice the air at over 1,370 meters (4,495 feet) in height, give or take. Glaciers remain a huge draw, of course, frosting mountain ranges and shearing icebergs into the ocean—watch for baby seals resting on them from May to early July.

Scenic Cruising Little Diomede Island

Learn more about Little Diomede Island, a unique island in Alaska and what you will experience scenic cruising it with Holland America Line.

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