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Little Diomede Port with Colorful Houses

Scenic Cruising Little Diomede Island

Little Diomede Island is plunked in the middle of the Bering Strait between Alaska and Siberia. What first looks like a sparse granite mound with no trees or shrubs, it has a lot of character and history. Little Diomede is part of Alaska, while Big Diomede—only a few miles away—is part of Russia. The border lies between the two islands. These two islands are almost a full day apart. They are on two sides of the International Date Line, which is why they are nicknamed: Yesterday and Tomorrow isles. It is believed that people inhabited Diomede, Alaska for 3,000 years. There is still an Iñupiat community of around 80 on Little Diomede’s western shores. Though there are modern amenities, such as electricity, the community subsists on hunting and gathering. There is one general store and because groceries arrive by plane, they are costly. Climate change makes life on Little Diomede even more difficult. Thinning sea ice, dwindling marine mammal populations and an increase in winter storms threatens the residents’ traditional lifestyle. You will always remember scenic cruising Little Diomede Island.