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‘Have It All’ Inclusive Fare Introduces a New Way to Cruise with Holland America Line

We are excited to announce a new way to cruise with Holland America Line. Introducing “Have It All” — a premium package that allows travelers to get everything they want in one simple fare. Guests who book with “Have It All” receive four popular amenities included in their cruise: shore excursions, beverages, specialty dining and Wi-Fi.

Available year-round on all itineraries six days or longer except Grand Voyages, “Have It All” is valued at $99 per guest, per day, for a seven-day cruise and represents incredible savings of 50% or more off the included amenities compared to purchasing them individually.

In addition to all of the amenities that typically come with a standard cruise fare, the four high-value extras included with “Have It All” increase depending on the length of the voyage.

4 perks for Have it all

Choose from among thousands of tours all over the world – from active ziplining adventures to immersive, historical explorations. The longer you cruise, the more tours you receive.

Enjoy a large selection of wine, beer, spirits, cocktails, soda, coffee and more. Up to 15 drinks per day allowed, and bar service charges are included.

Pinnacle Grill is the ultimate steakhouse at sea, while Tamarind showcases the traditions of Southeast Asia, China and Japan with sensuous flavors. Canaletto is a relaxed venue that serves authentic Italian cuisine. The number of specialty dining experiences is determined by the length of cruise, and the restaurants vary per ship.

Stay connected throughout the cruise by surfing the web, using social media, checking email and sending messages to friends and family.

Have It all Grid with four perks

When guests go to book a Holland America Line cruise, the “Have It All” fare is presented as an option with the included perks already factored into the price across all stateroom and suite categories. Guests who prefer to cruise without all of the extras have the option of a standard fare when making a booking. Each guest in a stateroom must book the “Have it All” cruise fare to receive the extras.

More value and convenience … now you can Have It All!

  • Julie

    They are excluded due to their length.

  • George

    Is it possible to purchase the “Have it All” pack with the “Elite” rather than the “Signature” drinks package?

  • Catherine Sinclair

    How much is the “Have it all package” for my husband and myself on our 28 night cruise?
    kind regards

  • Julie

    Unfortunately we don’t have pricing because it’s different depending on the length of the cruise, so you will need to call reservations or your travel agent. Apologies.

  • Julie

    Yes, you can upgrade. Please call reservations or your travel agent.

  • Holly

    Hello, we didint realize when booking that only 2 out of the 3 of us are getting the have it all? Is there a way for us to get it for the 3rd person?

  • Karen D

    Is the Have It All option available for a single person booking a Verandah cabin?

  • Julie

    Have it All is available to anyone, singles included.

  • Julie

    You will need to call reservations, but typically it’s only for the fist and second guest in the same stateroom.

  • Shawn R

    Can you use the Have it All package to purchase wine at the Pinnacle Grill ?

  • Roelof Bronswijk

    Kan ik met het have it all ook dineren in rudi, s sel mare op de Rotterdam?

  • Julie

    Yes, you can use the Signature Drink Package as part of Have It All to get a glass of wine at Pinnacle Grill. Enjoy!

  • Julie

    Rudi’s Sel de Mer is not included with Have it All.

  • Virginia Flannagan

    Is the gratuities included in have it all package for drinks

  • Julie

    Yes, the 18% grats are included on the drinks.

  • Linda Price

    With the Have It All dining in Tamarind and Pinnacle, can you order anthing off of the menu (including two appetizers and/or entrees and desserts)-as you can in the dining room, or is each diner limited to one selection from each section (one Appetizer, one Entree, and one Dessert) It is not clear on any of the sites I found. Thank you for the information.

  • Antony Gardiner

    Are gratuities included in Have it All ? Or do we still pay them, seeing them added to my account

  • Anne Crook

    Hi there. With the Have it all. Will my husband and I be able to order wine delivered to our cabin?

  • Inna Cohen

    Can I buy the have ut all package after I’ve already booked a cruise?

  • Julie

    Please call reservations to discuss your options in adding Have it All.

  • Julie

    Yes, by the glass. But please confirm they know you have Have it All.

  • Rudy Lucero

    How long is this promotion? My cruise is in January 2023 and do I need to purchase by a certain date?

  • Jean Van Rompaey

    With have it all package and we want a drink priced over the 11 dollar limit do we just pay the difference in cost for that drink? Or do we have to pay for the full value of the drink? I am interested in tasting at notes whiskey bar.

  • Julie

    Have It All is a fare, not a promotion. It’s ongoing.

  • Julie

    Crew gratuities are not included unless you book with a special offer that includes gratuities with Have It All.

  • Julie

    You can order more than one. Enjoy!

  • Patricia Guida

    Please clarify the speciality dining in the Have It All pricing. Is there a charge for meals or do you order off the menu as you would do in the other non-premium dining areas?

  • Julie

    If you booked with Have It All, you get specialty dining (one for a cruise that is 6-9 days; 2 experiences for 10-20 days…). You order off the menu and there is no additional charge (unless you order a premium dish with an upcharge). You order off the menu as you would in the main Dining Room. Enjoy!

  • Michel

    Is it possible to add the “have it all” to an existing booking? Can this be done online? Is the price $99 or $ 99 plus taxes?

  • Joanie Hess

    1.) Husband and I are booked for Oct 8th departure on Nieuw Amsterdam for 17-day full transit cruise through Panama Canal– we are vaccinated against Covid with 3 doses: the two-shot series plus one booster given February this year. We have no risk factors health-wise. Does this suffice?
    2.) We know that we need the covid test up to 72-hours beforehand. Is this up to 72 hours prior to ship’s departure which is 17:00, or is this up to 72 hours before anticipated arrival to board?
    3.) What time does boarding begin on the 8th of October?

  • Julie

    Hi Michel, you will need to call reservations to speak to them about having it added: 877-932-4259.

  • Julie

    Hi Joanie, it’s 3 days before, so if you depart on a Saturday, you can do it Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Your assigned boarding time will be in your cruise documents.

  • rick brown

    When does the crew appreciation
    Payment added to the have it all,other lines include that.I see that it’s coming next year?

  • Ray

    If we are sailing on a Sunday, the Covid testing can be done on Thursday? I am counting day one as Thursday to Friday, then Friday to Saturday, Saturday to Sunday. Can you confirm my understanding? Also, is there onboard testing required for Canada stop? Still confused on that.

  • Julie

    We require guests to test BEFORE the cruise that include Canada, but we no longer need to test at the end of the cruise. If you are taking a test three days prior and you embark Sunday, Thursday is the day. Have a great cruise!

  • Julie

    At this time, crew appreciation is not included with Have It All unless it is a special promotion.

  • Julie

    At this time, you will need to pay for the drink. However, Westerdam has a new program: Have it All and More in place, where guests pay the difference over $11 including bottled wine. Volendam will launch with this in place next week. This will roll to the fleet over the next couple months with all ships onboard by December 1.

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