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‘Have It All’ Inclusive Fare Introduces a New Way to Cruise with Holland America Line

We are excited to announce a new way to cruise with Holland America Line. Introducing “Have It All” — a premium package that allows travelers to get everything they want in one simple fare. Guests who book with “Have It All” receive four popular amenities included in their cruise: shore excursions, beverages, specialty dining and Wi-Fi.

Available year-round on all itineraries six days or longer except Grand Voyages, “Have It All” is valued at $99 per guest, per day, for a seven-day cruise and represents incredible savings of 50% or more off the included amenities compared to purchasing them individually.

In addition to all of the amenities that typically come with a standard cruise fare, the four high-value extras included with “Have It All” increase depending on the length of the voyage.

4 perks for Have it all

Choose from among thousands of tours all over the world – from active ziplining adventures to immersive, historical explorations. The longer you cruise, the more tours you receive.

Enjoy a large selection of wine, beer, spirits, cocktails, soda, coffee and more. Up to 15 drinks per day allowed, and bar service charges are included.

Pinnacle Grill is the ultimate steakhouse at sea, while Tamarind showcases the traditions of Southeast Asia, China and Japan with sensuous flavors. Canaletto is a relaxed venue that serves authentic Italian cuisine. The number of specialty dining experiences is determined by the length of cruise, and the restaurants vary per ship.

Stay connected throughout the cruise by surfing the web, using social media, checking email and sending messages to friends and family.

Have It all Grid with four perks

When guests go to book a Holland America Line cruise, the “Have It All” fare is presented as an option with the included perks already factored into the price across all stateroom and suite categories. Guests who prefer to cruise without all of the extras have the option of a standard fare when making a booking. Each guest in a stateroom must book the “Have it All” cruise fare to receive the extras.

More value and convenience … now you can Have It All!

  • Keith Thompson

    We have already booked have it all cruise in 2020 for 31 day Panama /South America line 2022 ,will we get the new terms of 300 dollars per person for shore excursions 3 special meals and wifi

  • Julie

    Hi Keith, you need to call reservations or your travel advisor and add it to your booking if you’d like to upgrade to a “Have It All” cruise fare.

  • Ronald Baum

    We have booked a have it all for this coming November on your newest ship The Rotterdam, heading to the Caribbean. We really wanted to celebrate our back to cruising adventure, neither my wife nor I are big drinkers but I do like a good whiskey from time to time and felt this was a great deal for casual drinkers like us. Is there somewhere I can find out what Liquors are stocked in in the bars and do all bars carry the same bottles of Bourbon and Whiskey? I also like a port wine with my dinner (dessert) does Holland America carry any Ports or fortified wine? and lastly are the specialty coffee shops included in the Drink package?

  • Julie

    Hi Ronald, we don’t have those specifics at the blog. Please try ship services: 1–800–541–1576

  • Richard Savage


    We are planning: for 12-Day Iberian Adventure SHIP: NIEUW STATENDAM

    Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    SEP 3, 2021

    Is the “Have it all” available for this cruise ?

  • Sylvia Axley

    What is the price of the Have it All Promo for 10-20 day cruises? We have a 13 day Australia and New Zealand cruise booked Jan 14-27, 2023. Are we able to take advantage of this great promo?

  • Marie Reid

    I am interested in the 74 day Grand South America and Antarctica Voyage cruise. Does it have excursions to Antarctica? I am trying to compare it to the Cunard 78 day cruise to finalize my decision.
    Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

  • Julie

    Hi Marie, the Grand South America and Antarctica Voyage spends 4 days exploring Antarctica, but there are no excursions to Antarctica, it’s scenic cruising only.

  • Julie

    Hi Sylvia, please call your travel advisor or Holland America Line reservations for Have it All pricing.

  • jennifer forest

    What are the shore excursions available?

  • Stacey

    Booking on a 18 day Hawaii Cruise. My questions are regarding the “Have it all Cruise”
    Question 1 – can you pay the different and upgrade to the elite beverage package?
    Question 2 – is the WiFi surf package unlimited for the entire Cruise duration?

    Thank you, Stacey

  • Julie

    With Have It All, it’s tours $100 or under.

  • kathy o

    We have booked an Alaska cruise for August/2021; when making reservations for excursions or dining, is the “Have it All” pricing automatically applied? In other words: I don’t want to book a dining experience and then be charged for it additionally. Does that make sense? Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Julie

    Hi Kathy, did you book with the Have It All fare? Please call reservations to have them look into your booking, as we do not have access at the blog.

  • Julie

    Hi Stacey, right now they are working on a functionalty to make it possible to upgrade. We don’t have an ETA on when it will be complete. And yes, the surf package is for the duration of the cruise.

  • kathy o

    Thanks, Julie, will do that….

  • Patricia Cann

    For the 10 day cruise on 11/14/2021 with the Have It All promotion – can I make reservations for the excursions and special dining prior to boarding the ship? I read somewhere they need to be made by July 6, 2021? I would like to do the reservations now July 2021>

  • Julie

    Hi Patricia, please call reservations to discuss Have It All so you get the most accurate answer. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Harriet

    Can you get “Have it all” without the drink package. We are not big drinkers, would lose money on that. Would be interested in the other 3 though.

  • Harriet

    I would like to know if it is possible to get “Have it all” without the drink package and how much less would it be?

    Thank you

  • Julie

    Hi Harriet, unfortunately it is part of the package and can’t be removed.

  • Julie

    You cannot, but you can use if for specialty coffee, soda and other non-alcoholic beverages.

  • Arie

    Heb ee n vraag kan j e aan boord upgraden naar elite ik drink bijna alleen water van wegen mijn diabeet zijn. Ik zie nl. Geen water bij standaard pakket have it all

  • Chris M Bissonnette

    Can I add “Have it All” to an existing reservation?

  • Julie

    Yes, please call reservations.

  • barbara phillips

    Where can I find the “have it all” fares, please? Thanks!

  • Julie

    They are listed with each cruise. There are standard fares and Have It All. It’s available on most sailings except Grands.


    So the Have It All package is just one night of dining for two people (paid for 2). 15 drinks per day for the duration of the cruise and one excursion each correct? So if we want to dine in one of the restaurants we have to pay for that out of pocket for the duration of the cruise minus our ONE meal ticket….this is how I understand the verbiage.

  • Helga

    I travel alone and pay the room for 2 people.Would it be possible to give to singles some perks,like 1 free excursion, some free drinks,some coupons for the Casino,1 free specialty dinner ?

  • Julie

    Hi Jennifer, that is correct, but it depends on the length of the voyage. The one night is specialty dining, however all your meals in the main Dining Room, Lido Market, Dive-In, New York Deli & Pizza, etc are included. If you go on a voyage 10-20 days, it’s 2 nights, and 21+ days is three. Same for tours, the longer the cruise the more you get. And then the Signature Beverage Package for both, and free WiFi.

  • John

    If I book a Have It All package with my cruise, that comes with Surf Voyage Plan WiFi included. If I’m on a 17 night Hawaii cruise and I want to upgrade from Surf WiFi Plan to Premium Voyage Plan WiFi, how much extra do I pay?

  • Julie

    Hi John, unfortunately we don’t have that information at the blog. You will need to call reservations to ask about an upgrade.

  • Heather

    Does “Have it All” include gratuities? I don’t see it listed and would like to know. Thank you.

  • Don

    Will the Have It All cost be considered an on board expense and thus eligible for Marina Credits?

  • Julie

    Gratuities are not part of Have It All.

  • Julie

    Please call the Mariner Desk for clarification: 800-547-9139

  • Tony Duff

    We have a signature drinks package on our trip to Alaska what do we receive, also is the Have it all now £40 as we have read.

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