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Aerial view of the Greek Isles

Greek Cruises

Greek Isle cruises deliver ancient wonders and once-in-a-lifetime excursions along with some of the bluest water on earth. See ruins from the dawn of democracy, wind down on a beach, and then indulge in fresh Mediterranean fare, all in one day. Our Greek Isle cruises offer a striking balance between popular attractions and seldom-visited ports. Whether you have 7 days, 12 days, or more, you’ll find just the right itinerary in our wide selection. Wander a brilliant-white maze of shops, restaurants, and homes to a breathtaking overlook. Stand in the same place as the greatest thinkers of all time. Sample flavorful cuisine at a taverna you’ll talk about for years to come. From ancient Athens to sun-dappled Mykonos, colorful Chania to the incredible Olympia, find the best Greek Isle cruises right here.

Highlights from Cruises to Greece

1 Living the Dream in Santorin Read about what it is like to spend a day in Santorini.
2 My European Cruise: Greek Edition Learn more about what it is like to cruise to Europe and explore the Mykonos Greek Island.


Step Back in Time Are you a history buff? Learn about some of the top Greek cruise shore excursions from around the world.

The Best Greek Isle Cruises

women wearing traditional garb in greece

History & Culture

Visit some of the world’s most influential places. Marvel at the Temple of Athena Nike that was built around 420 BC. And that’s just the tip of the Acropolis. Explore archeological treasures, ruins and wonders on every sun-drenched island. On On Greek cruise overnights, soak in Greek culture with lively dancing or a concert under the moonlight.

Greek Isle Beauty

Leave an hour or two each day on your Greek isles cruise to unwind, Greek-style and take in natural beauty and seascapes. Sit under a straw umbrella on a Santorini black-sand beach. Sip ouzu under a fuchsia bougainvillea tree. Watch the waves roll in and let your worries roll out. There’s nothing like it.

Explore Greek Isle Ports

Featured Greek Isle Shore Excursions

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