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donkey walking on stairs in mykonos, greece

Mykonos, Greece

A Mykonos cruise brings passengers to one of the most-visited islands of the Greece’s Cyclades. Once a playground for wealthy starlets, an aura of glamour lingers on Mykonos. Today, Mykonos caters to all types of travelers and there’s lots to see, do, and taste that’s accessible to us mere mortals. Mykonos cruise passengers are tendered straight into Old Town or water taxi in from the nearby Mykonos cruise port. Stunning views welcome you to the town with cliffside whitewashed houses and bright trim (blue for sailors, green for farmers, red for other) and trellises of bougainvillea. 

Wander the maze of impossibly narrow streets, passing some of Mykonos’ signature windmills and churches. When it’s time for lunch, pick a taverna. Try mostra, a bruschetta-like dish and flavorful example of Mediterranean simplicity. Take time to explore Little Venice in Mykonos, a charming quarter where the restaurants and houses seem to float on the sea. If you prefer to spend a day in ancient Greece, shuttle to Delos, the mythical birthplace of Apollo. Delos is uninhabited by humans now, but full of vestiges of Greece in the 3rd millennium BC. You can see many remarkable ruins, including the area of the Sacred Lake. Wear comfortable shoes and bring sunscreen, as there’s little shade on Delos. Whatever you do on your Mykonos cruise, a taste of the island never feels like enough. It’s that beautiful. 

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