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Kos, Greece

Cruises to Kos, Greece, bring guests to an island in the Dodecanese chain, where the heart of ancient Greece still beats. In a single day, you can tour sun-washed ruins, reminisce about your college days at Hippocrates’ tree, layout on a beach, and taste your way through a maze of tavernas. Taking a fast ferry to Turkey or other Greek islands is possible, but Kos offers plenty of reasons to stay. Soaring right in front of the port, the Castle of Knights (Neratzia Castle) is a good choice for your first tour. Built from local stone and finished in 1514, it’s an impressive structure with drawbridges, columns, and friezes. 

The Tree of Hippocrates stands in front of the castle. This gnarled plane tree marks where Hippocrates purportedly taught his students the art of medicine. Kos also has an array of Roman ruins and archeological sites, including the Odeon of Kos, an intimate, carefully restored theater once used for brutal gladiator fights. Nearby, Casa Romana gives an idea about how the wealthy lived in ancient times. When it’s time to eat, meander to Old Town, where you’ll find pedestrian streets buzzing with cafes, restaurants and shops. Indulge in seafood, salads and souvlaki made with the freshest ingredients possible, the essence of Mediterranean fare.  

Top 3 Things to Do in Kos, Greece 

[1.] Castle of Knights

Tour an incredible 14th-century castle near the cruise port. 

[2.] Odeon of Kos

Marvel at a carefully restored theater used for gladiator fights. 

[3.] Marmari Beach

Soak up the sun or cool off in topaz waters.