Ribe Town & the Viking Center

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    Esbjerg, Denmark

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  • Wheelchair Accessible


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    Information not currently available.

  • Duration

    4½ Hours

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A drive across the Jutland peninsula brings you to the vast green marshlands of southwestern Denmark.

The historic town of Ribe was first documented in AD 854, making it the country's oldest town still in existence today. Despite fire and flood, the town still boasts more than 100 well-preserved heritage-status buildings. The mighty Romanesque Ribe Cathedral (AD 948) towers over the city from every angle. You will see Denmark's oldest Town Hall (1496) and St Catharine's Dominican Church & Monastery (1228). Don't miss the old flood column on the Skibbroen waterfront -- it records the high-water mark of floods of up to 29 feet. Castle Hill, where once the fortified Riberhus Castle stood, is now home to a statue of Queen Dagmar. You can follow her gaze out over Ribe town for a panoramic view.

Next, immerse yourself in the long and colorful Viking history of Ribe at the Ribe Viking Center. Here, a replica Viking village and marketplace from the 8th century has been created in close collaboration with local museums and archaeologists. The recreated 'village' features traditional Viking longhouses, farmsteads and fields, townhouses and a market square with tent stalls. In the summertime, it is populated by costumed museum staff, students and volunteers in traditional Viking clothing. They're engaged in typical Viking household, field and market tasks, bringing the daily undertakings of the Vikings to life -- feel free to ask questions. The Viking Center develops and tests emerging theories about Viking construction methods and handicrafts; it also studies the sociological elements of life in a Viking settlement. There's also a Viking ship replica. Feel free to go down into the ship's belly and get a feel for dried fish and other Nordic products.

Re-board your motorcoach and return to Esbjerg to your ship.


Inside church visit(s) may not be possible if religious services are being held. There are uneven surfaces, gravel, grass and inclines at the Viking Center. Guests using a wheelchair may encounter access difficulties. Not advisable for guests with mobility limitations.