O, The Oprah Magazine Adventure of Your Life Cruise

Experience the transformative power of travel with O-inspired activities and events on this October 28, 2018 sailing to the Caribbean. This cruise features special appearances and programming by transformational speakers and authors along with O, The Oprah Magazine editors.

Award-Winning Talent On Board

Brian Underwood, Beauty Director

Brian Underwood is the Beauty Director for O, The Oprah Magazine and winner of the 2016 Fragrance Foundation Award. With over 13 years’ covering beauty and style trends, he focuses on finding scientific, evidence-based beauty solutions.

Lori Harder, Author & Speaker

Lori Harder is a transformational speaker, podcast host, and author, regularly featured on the covers of fitness magazines. Her debut book, ‘A Tribe Called Bliss’ helps women find their “tribe”—a support system to help navigate life’s challenges.

Mastin Kipp, Functional Life Coach™

Mastin Kipp is an author, public speaker and creator of Functional Life Coaching™ for people seeking rapid life transformation. His best-selling books are featured in publications and appearances on ABC, CBS News, and Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.

Molly Simms, Sr. Editor O Magazine

Molly Simms writes and edits feature stories for O, The Oprah Magazine. She has previous stints at popular magazines like Entertainment Weekly. Onboard, she will take guests through a special behind the scenes look at the Making of O.

Christina Huntington, Unplug

Christina Huntington is a 2nd generation meditation teacher who has developed her own meditation program that will allow guests to tune into their own inner voice, gaining the tools to make empowered choices while having fun along the way.

Ann Louise Gittleman, Nutritionist

Ann Louise Gittleman is a nutritional visionary and health pioneer. Described by Self Magazine as one of the Top Ten Notable Nutritionists in the U.S., thousands of nutritionists, health coaches, and practitioners have benefited from her work.

O-Inspired Activities

Just Breathe

Start the day with meaningful meditations and daily intentions and experience the health benefits of movement, all inspired by “O, The Oprah Magazine's” dedication to living your best life. Yoga mats will be supplied.

Love That!

What’s the latest expert fashion advice for travelers? Learn the essential pieces every woman needs for travel at a presentation curated by Emmy Award-winner and O’s Creative Director, Adam Glassman, exclusively for Holland America Line.

O’s Reading Room

O’s Reading Room is coming to all Holland America Line ships worldwide by May and we'll be reading Oprah’s 2018 Book Club Selection An American Marriage, a novel by award-winning author Tayari Jones.

Let’s Eat

Indulge your passion for food without guilt and learn a lifetime of healthy habits inspired by “O, The Oprah Magazine’s” focus on wellness. It’s all about good eating habits and getting the guidance and tips you need to feel great.

The O Shop

Select items from “Oprah's Favorite Things” are now for sale on board select Holland America Line cruise ships featuring the O Shop. We have combed through her “Favorite Things” and stocked our shelves with goodies.