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Alaska glaciers are guaranteed on a Holland America cruise to Alaska

Holland America Line’s Glacier Guarantee™​​

We ❤️ Alaska. Since 1947, we’ve led the way in showcasing the breathtaking wonders of this Great Land — including its magnificent glaciers. We understand that encountering these icy giants is a highlight when visiting Alaska, so we’re thrilled to introduce our Glacier Guarantee™. If we do not visit a glacier during your Alaska journey, you’ll receive a Future Cruise Credit equal to 15% of your cruise fare.* 

*Not applicable on Yukon Cruisetours that do not include a glacier experience: Y3C, Y4C, Y5C, and Y6C.

See Glaciers on Every Alaska Cruise

Set sail with confidence, knowing that you’ll experience the awe-inspiring beauty of glaciers on every Alaska cruise and cruisetour — guaranteed.