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Eureka, California, US

California coast cruises sweep to secret escapes along the roaring Pacific. Eureka is as charming as it gets with Victorian homes and a historic Old Town resting on Humboldt Bay. Crowned by the extravagant Carson Mansion and fringed by old-growth forests, Eureka is the kind of place visitors remember forever. Surrounded by natural splendors, it bustles with cafes, shops, and eateries and has an enviable art scene. Eureka is a 5-hour drive from San Francisco and a 7-hour drive from Portland, making a California coast cruise one of the more convenient ways to get into town and explore. On your day in Eureka, indulge in hand-crafted cheeses and locally made wine. Sample oysters. Pop into galleries and art museums. Hike a redwood forest. Or explore one of the historical parks.