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Volcano in Cerro Verde National Park in El Salvador at sunset

Acajutla, El Salvador

Stunning beaches and colorful markets await on cruises to Acajutla, El Salvador. As the ship approaches, breathtaking views of the serene coastline greet your gaze. For such a small town, Acajutla has an array of things to do. Taxis offer the optimal way to travel from the port. Sightseeing is a breeze, as top attractions are only an hour away. Explore the historical city center, known for its charming streets and friendly locals. Stretch out on Acajutla Beach, a short shuttle from the cruise port. Dive vibrant reefs, tour Mayan ruins, or learn how coffee — one of the country’s main exports — is produced at a roastery.

Acajutla has plenty of outdoor adventure opportunities. Izalco, an extinct volcano, looms about 16 miles (26.8 kilometers) from the port. Thrill seekers can climb to the top and look inside its dormant caldera. The options are endless: whiz through the verdant Apaneca forest on a zipline or cool off in the spray of a waterfall. Ruta de Maya, a fantastic complex of Mayan ruins is about an hour and a half from Acajutla in Chalchuapa. While in Acajutla, sample Salvadorean cuisine, a flavorful mix of Mayan and Spanish influence with fresh seafood, corn, beans, and pork. The national dish is the pupusa, a pillowy tortilla stuffed with delicious fillings. Pair it with the national drink—the guaro sour, sour liquor mixed with sweet fruit juice.

Top 3: Things To Do In Acajutla, El Salvador

1 Ruta de Maya Marvel at archaeological sites and view the largest Mayan pyramid in the country.
2 Izalco Volcano Get close to this extinct volcano and hike around its crater lake.
3 El Imposible National Park Spot rare wildlife in this tropical forest, including pumas, king hawks and oncillas.