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Cityscape of the Sweden, Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Spread over more than a dozen islands linked by bridges, the Swedish capital of Stockholm is one of the most effortlessly enjoyable cities in Europe. Go sightseeing in Stockholm's elegant Östermalm with its chic interior design stores; verdant Djurgården with its museums, cultural sights and acres of rolling parkland; ancient Gamla Stan with its cobbled streets that surround the Royal Palace; and trendy Södermalm with its cool neighborhoods and even cooler inhabitants. Stockholm is easy to navigate on foot or by public transport, and wherever you roam, you’re never far from water or parkland attractions in Stockholm.

Food and drink in Stockholm is of a high standard, and recent years have brought a marked improvement in the range of dining options—though it’s hard to resist traditional favorites such as meatballs or herring washed down with a cold beer. The friendly locals speak faultless English, and the only crime you’re likely to encounter has a dragon tattoo and can be found in the bestseller section of a bookshop. And in the unlikely event you ever get bored sightseeing in the stunning city of Stockholm, there are thousands more islands each with many things to do just an easy ferry ride away.

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