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Scenic cruising Lilliehook Fjord

North of the Ny-Ålesund research station, the wide Krossfjord splits into a multibranched fjord system that pierces far into the glaciers of Albert I Land and Haakon VII Land, two regions that make up northwestern Svalbard.

The western arm, the 14-kilometer-long (8.7-mile-long) Lilliehöök Fjord, is the pick of the sights in this region. Along Lilliehöök Fjord’s eastern side, the 12-kilometer-long (7.5-mile-long) Kong Haakons Halvøy mountain ridge. On its western side, tall mountains loom; at the head is the vast Lilliehöökbreen glacier. The steep cliffs of the region are home to arctic seabird colonies.