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Scenic Cruising Bay of Kotor

Words cannot do justice to the immense beauty of the Bay of Kotor, also known as Boka Bay. Cypress-dappled cliffs plummet to the shimmering Adriatic, a backdrop punctuated by the terracotta rooftops of Venetian-style villages. Worthy of any glossy magazine cover, Montenegro and the Bay of Kotor somehow remain relatively untouched by tourists. You will spot two storied islands while scenic cruising through the bay. These were not made by Mother Nature. Legend has it that fishermen saw a picture of the Virgin Mary in a rock, and the locals began dropping stones in the same area. After many years, the islands emerged, and the residents built Our Lady of the Rocks, a church dedicated to the protection of fishermen. Other scenic cruising views may include Lovćen mountain, which inspired the name, Montenegro, and Kotor’s 14th-century fortifications.