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Martyrs of Reform Monument in Scotland, United Kingdom

Rosyth (Edinburgh), Scotland, United Kingdom

From the port of Rosyth, you are only minutes away from one of the most charming cities in Western Europe: the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. A top destination for travelers to the U.K., Edinburgh is known not only for its nearly fairy-tale appearance, with a castle hovering over the city center, but also for its rich arts scene and long cultural heritage. The center of Edinburgh is divided between two distinct and internationally recognized historic districts. To the north is the Old Town, with its vennels (alleys) and medieval remnants—all still intact if modified over the ages. To the south, it's the New Town, begun around the time of the American Revolution. Both districts demand wandering and exploration. The city counts amid its splendor such attractions as the National Galleries of Scotland and the Holyrood Palace (Queen Elizabeth's official Scotland residence) and Abbey ruins. Rosyth is in the ancient Kingdom of Fife, so excursions to historic sites in this region are easily undertaken: whether a visit to the royal burgh of Culross (an important destination in the 16th through 18th centuries) or a trip up the coast to the most famous host of golf in the world: St. Andrews.