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An archway over a waterway in Port Newcastle Upon Tyne England

Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

Newcastle upon Tyne is a classic city of England’s north country, where you can visit reminders of some 2,000 years of British history. The city’s crucial location along the River Tyne has meant that it has been the site of Roman forts under Emperor Hadrian and Norman castles under William the Conqueror and the kings that succeeded him. A short drive outside of town offers the chance to stroll along sections of Hadrian’s Wall, built by Romans as a defense against Scottish invaders. And a walk through the city finds a mix of modern and old, with new structures like the Gateshead Millennium Bridge alongside Victorian storefronts, Edwardian marketplaces and remnants of the Industrial Revolution.

Perhaps Newcastle’s most recognizable claim to fame is its renowned beer, Newcastle Brown Ale, which you can sample, along with other local craft ales, at historic pubs. Newcastle also makes a great jumping-off point for exploring nearby historic towns like Durham and Alnwick, with their impeccably maintained gardens, historic castles and soaring cathedrals.