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Fishing town of Husavik, Iceland

Húsavík, Iceland

Húsavík, Iceland, is a charming, cherry-red-and-white town on Skjálfandi Bay. Soon after your arrival, you will spot its most famous landmark, Húsavíkurkirkja, a wooden church built in 1907 from Norwegian timber. Quaint architecture lists one of many dazzling opportunities. Whale watching in Husavik is a top thing to do. Humpbacks, minke, and elusive blue whales favor the region. Learn about whaling and view massive whale skeletons at the Húsavík Whale Museum.

The town is a gateway to captivating natural wonders, including the Lake Mývatn area. A massive basaltic eruption shaped this lunar-like landscape, where shimmering waters surround craters and steamy lava fields. One of the most astonishing sites is the Krafla crater, a vivid blue-green lake at the bottom of a dramatic crater with a 7-mile (10-kilometer) diameter.

Participate in one of Iceland’s favorite pastimes with a soak at GeoSea. This large bathing area overlooks Skjálfandi Bay and features a mix of mineral-rich seawater and soothing geothermal goodness. Swim up to the bar for refreshing drinks, then decompress and socialize in nature. 

Top 3: Things to Do in Húsavík, Iceland

1 Lake Mývatn Explore an ethereal, crater-studded landscape.
2 GeoSea Soak in the scenery, sip drinks and socialize in geothermal baths.
3 Husavik Whale Watching Look for humpbacks and other cetaceans on a whale-watching tour.