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A house along the water in Port Djupivogur Iceland

Djupivogur, Iceland

Djúpivogur, a quiet fishing village with fewer than 500 residents, sits on the eastern coast of Iceland and dates back to the days of the Vikings. Despite the fearsome reputation of those who first established Djúpivogur, today what draws visitors to this remote corner of the country is its dramatic natural setting. Located on Berufjörður, it is near stunning natural wonders like the Hofellsjökull Glacier and the Valley of Waterfalls. Wherever you journey in the region, you'll come upon stunning vistas and a landscape shaped by glaciers and geothermal activity. The village itself is home to intriguing sites like Langabúð, a log house built in 1790 that now houses artifacts related to Iceland’s long-held folk traditions. (These include a belief in “hidden folk” who live in the ancient windswept landscapes of rock, glacier and lava.) You can also journey to nearby Papey Island and meet some of eastern Iceland's seabird population including cute and quirky puffins. These birds are so beloved in Iceland that they were long the symbol of the national airline and actually outnumber the country's human population by some 25 to 1.

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