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A view of the coastline of Port Alofi Niue.


Niue packs in the adventure for such a tiny island. Nicknamed “the Rock,” Niue lies in the South Pacific between Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Islands. Niue’s position on a large, raised atoll means an abundance of fascinating marine wildlife and a network of underwater sea caves. Snorkel the Limu Pools and Matapa Chasm to witness dazzling displays of tropical fish. The emerald waters surrounding Niue are the only place where you can encounter katuali – a flat-tail sea snake. Whales and dolphin sightings are common, even from shore. After exploring the beaches and verdant rain forest, experience Alofi’s art and culture. Take a tantalizing trip to its colorful market. Sample local delights, such as coconut crab, taro, cassava and breadfruit. Watch canoe carving at Niue National Museum. Whatever you do, your day in Niue will be fantastic.