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Sunset over a beach on Port Zihuatanejo ixTapa Guerrero Mexico

Zihuatanejo (Ixtapa), Guerrero, Mexico

Zihuatanejo, or \"Zihua\" as it's called by repeat visitors, is the fourth-largest city in the state of Guerrero and one of Mexico's most-visited resort areas, third only to Cancún and Puerto Vallarta. While it's a thoroughly modern city today, evidence of its past abounds in its dozens of archaeological sites, including Xihuacan, which was opened in 2013 and has not yet been completely excavated. Stop by the dig site or the city's archaeological museum to learn more about past civilizations. In more recent times, Zihuatanejo has been a fishing town, and fishermen can still be observed delivering their day's work to the water's edge—the daily catch frequently includes grouper, marlin, snook and tuna. Sportfishing is just one of the outdoor activities visitors can partake in here; others include golfing and horseback riding along the beach and through old coconut plantations. The town's location on the coast also makes it the ideal spot to enjoy lots of water sports, as well as passive pursuits such as strolling along the beach.