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View of the city of Naples, Italy

Naples (Pompeii/Amalfi), Italy

Rising behind the wide curve of its bay with brooding Mount Vesuvius and the deep blue sea as a backdrop, Naples, Italy enjoys a magnificent natural setting. It is the third-largest city in Italy after Rome and Milan, and arguably the most colorful and seductive of them all: Splendor and squalor live side by side in 21st-century Naples, and the mix is intoxicating.


Cruise to Naples, home to world-class museums and attractions. Naples has something for everyone - superb restaurants, eclectic shopping, a thriving contemporary art scene and an edgy and vibrant street life. But once you’ve had enough of the pounding traffic and jostling crowds while sightseeing in Naples, there are endless opportunities for exploration further afield. The celebrated Roman ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, both victims of Vesuvius’ devastating 79 C.E. eruption, lie just south of the city. Explore Naples' history or take a short ride over to the island of Capri on a Naples shore excursion. The delightful town of Sorrento and the magnificent scenery of the Amalfi Coast are also within easy reach, and the dolce vita glamour of Capri—not to mention the healing thermal waters of Ischia—are a short hydrofoil hop from the mainland. Naples cruises offer a perfect mix of cultural and natural attractions.

Top 3: Things To See

1 San Severo Chapel Museum Built in the 1500s, the San Servero Chapel is truly incredible work of art and houses some of the world’s most famous sculptures like the Veiled Christ.
2 Maschio Angioino Castle Visit the beautiful and historical castle of Maschio Angioino. Learn about the origins of this medieval castle that dates back to 1279.


Via San Gregorio Armeno Take a scenic stroll through the ally of Via San Gregorio Armeno. Explore different shops and displays for nativity figurines.

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