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Man paddle boarding in Honolulu, Hawaii on a Hawaii cruise

Honolulu, Hawaii, US

Hawaii cruises whisk you to Oahu's south shore. The capital of Hawaii—and gateway to the island chain—is a suitably laid-back Polynesian mash-up of influences and experiences. Away from the Waikiki crowds and glossy high-rise hotels, our Hawaii cruises give a taste of the "real" Hawaii: brick Victorian buildings, including America's only royal palace; thriving Chinatown nightlife; sacred temple remains on distant bluffs; and the wartime memories of the attack on Pearl Harbor, including the USS Arizona Memorial.


Of course, the “real” Hawaii can't be quantified so easily. It's everywhere—in the volcanic nature of the soil, in its lush bounteous flora, and in the positive spirit of the people, who know there's raw magic in their gentle islands. Our cruises to Honolulu offer a deeper understanding of this amazing place.

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