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Norwegian Fjord at sunset

Scenic cruising Romsdalsfjord

Among Norway’s 1,190 fjords, Romsdalsfjord tops the list of “most beautiful.” On a scenic cruise through Romsdalsfjord, pass enchanting valleys, jagged ridges awash in slanting sunlight, and alpine villages pulled from the pages of children’s books. Kos—a Norwegian concept centered around simple pleasures and nature—is strong in these parts.

The 55-mile-long (88 km) Romsdalsfjord is unique in that it has several islands—one of these, Veøya, was an important stop on coastal routes during the Viking Age. Near the Isfjord’s beginning and the Rauma River’s end lies Åndalsnes, a small city that juts into the fjord. Tourists from all over the world come to Åndalsnes to play in the great outdoors, hike trails and to reel in fish.