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Scenic cruising Breidsund

Relax and take in fairy-tale landscapes on a scenic cruise through Breisundet, a 3.1-mile-wide (5-km) strait stretching to the Norwegian Sea. Bring your binoculars to the deck; the beauty of Norway is on full display. Glide past cherry-red hamlets, deserted fishing villages and layered mountain peaks, all reflected perfectly in the water. When you think the scene can’t get any prettier, a spectacular rainbow will arch over it all. Breisundet strait bustles with shipping and passenger vessels. It’s no surprise that with all this nature, hiking, biking, and wildlife watching are the most popular activities ashore. Those who trek to the top of nearby Måtinden mountain are treated to incredible vistas of the strait, but you’ll have a great vantage point from the deck of our perfectly sized ship—plus, all your creature comforts nearby.