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Scenic cruising Bonifacio Strait

Bonifacio means “good fate,” and you will feel incredibly fortunate on your scenic cruise through this famous passageway between Corsica (France) and Sardinia (Italy). Dramatic cliffs and shimmering coves keep your camera clicking. If you were closer, you might spot sun-bathing celebrities. Just 6.8 miles (11 km) wide, the Strait of Bonifacio holds many marvels. La Maddalena archipelago and the Lavezzi archipelago name just two. Centuries of relentless winds and waves carved these islands into mesmerizing sculptures. The water lapping against them is Europe’s most pristine. The Strait of Bonifacio is the first international marine park and teems with natural treasures. Bonifacio nicknamed the “City of Cliffs,” perches over the topaz sea. Meandering Bonifacio’s tangle of streets is a must for a later time. For now, drink in vistas of its blush edifices stacked on a high cliff.