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Port of the city Maloy in Norway

Maloy, Norway

Norway’s splendors are at peak beauty on cruises to Maloy.  This charming coastal village on the island of Vågsøy, is so staggeringly gorgeous, those lucky enough to come ashore are prone to audibly ooh and ahh. Snow-dappled mountains layer as far as one can see against a winding ribbon of deep blue water. Måløy is one of Norway’s most-treasured fishing ports—savor fish and chips or fish stew. Other things to do in Måløy include stretching out on the silvery sands of Refviksanden, widely considered the country’s best swimming beach. Take photos at Kannesteinen Rock, a mushroom-shaped stone sculpted by water erosion. Tour the Måløy Raid Center, a war-knowledge center that sets the scene for a pivotal moment in World War II with audio, photos and documents. Marvel at several lighthouses, positioned on ridges surrounded by roiling sea—Kråkenes Lighthouse holds several high-wind records and is a popular place to watch storms roll in.

Top 3 Things To Do In Maloy, Norway

1 Refviksanden Take a dip in sapphire waters or unwind on silvery sand.
2 Maloy Raid Center Learn about the significance of Operation Archery, an important raid.
3 Krakenes Lighthouse Get a bird’s eye view of crashing waves and rolling clouds.

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