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Colorful Dutch buildings in Aruba

Finding The Best Caribbean Cruise For You

The Caribbean encompasses 700 scenic islands, cays, islets and reefs. With all the wonderful options, narrowing down the list to one cruise itinerary can be tough. Plan your dream vacation with the advice below.

Our Caribbean cruises are divided into Eastern, Western, Southern and Tropical. The Eastern Caribbean is the place to unwind, while Western Caribbean cruises offer otherworldly scenery, wildlife and adventure. Southern Caribbean cruises trace the sun to the ABC islands. Tropical Caribbean cruises feature Key West. Collectors’ Voyages combine two back-to-back itineraries into one. 


Every Caribbean cruise visits Half Moon Cay, our crescent-shaped private island. Read our list of the best Caribbean Cruise destinations to learn more about the Caribbean’s most popular ports of call. 

Best Itineraries For First-Timers

Our 7-day roundtrip Caribbean cruises from Ft. Lauderdale are an excellent choice for newbies. A week is enough to adjust to cruise life on board and deeply connect to the islands. With fewer sea days and more time for activities on sun-toasted shores, Eastern Caribbean itineraries or Tropical Caribbean itineraries are ideal for first-time Caribbean visitors. 

Best Caribbean Cruises For Couples

Crashing waves, sapphire grottos, melodic steel drums—the Caribbean is one of the planet’s most romantic places. Celebrate weddings and anniversaries by going the extra mile (er, knot) with an array of 10- to 16-day voyages. 

Snorkel the kaleidoscopic reefs that ring Grand Turk, transit the Panama Canal or kiss in the spray of Jamaica’s waterfalls. You could even arrange to take the plunge on Half Moon Cay.

Caribbean cities are pulled from the pages of storybooks. Wander San Juan’s cobalt cobblestones hand-in-hand. Stroll Curaçao’s candy-colored eateries, open-air markets and shops. Share a coffee and meander Puerto Plata’s seafront boulevards.

Best Caribbean Cruise For Families

The Caribbean has all the makings of an epic family vacation: little ones can splash the day away in waterparks, parents can indulge in cabana massages, teenagers can boogie board or beach-hop. Our 5-day cruises are the perfect option for busy parents tied to school schedules. Invite the grandparents and make it a multi-generational vacation.

Choose from a selection of holiday cruises, when our ships get into the spirit with festive decorations, parties and performances. We take care of all the cooking and cleaning; you celebrate New Year’s in paradise. 

Now that you know how to find the best Caribbean cruise for you, read more Caribbean cruise articles and planning tips.