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View from Soufriere Bay to The Pitons in Saint Lucia, Caribbean

Scenic Cruising Soufriere Bay

Fiery volcanoes formed St. Lucia, and the landscape of this laid-back island shows unmistakable signs of its geologic history. The most recognizable are the twin spires of the Pitons, two mountains that rise above the coastline near Soufrière Bay. Their sharp peaks and verdant flanks are among the Caribbean’s most iconic natural landmarks. Nearby, geothermal activity roils beneath the ground at Sulphur Springs Park.

As you cruise the coast of St. Lucia, from the main port in Castries to scenic Soufrière Bay, you’ll see glimpses of not just the island’s geologic past but also its colonial history; St. Lucia was a hotly contested outpost of the West Indies, with Spanish, French and British forces vying for control. As the ship departs Castries Harbour in the north, it sails past Morne Fortune, the site of a hilltop fort that saw decisive battles. Farther south, the hurricane hole of Marigot Bay offered shelter to naval fleets and pirate ships alike.

St. Lucia is still a sought-after destination today, having earned its reputation for secluded luxury and spectacularly lush scenery. Just before the ship enters Soufrière Bay, it passes one of St. Lucia’s best-known beaches, Anse Chastanet, and the resort that goes by the same name. This stretch of golden sand, with the Pitons rising in the distance, paints an inviting picture.