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A habour view of Port Saint Georges in Grenada

Saint Georges, Grenada

Known as the Spice Island, Grenada literally blooms with enticing flavors. Nutmeg is the national calling card, but cinnamon, cloves and mace have also been grown here for centuries. (Some visitors swear you can smell the fragrant aromas the moment you touch land.) Formed by volcanic activity off the coast of what is now Venezuela, this Caribbean isle boasts pristine white-sand beaches along its shoreline, as well as fantastical black-sand strands. And the interior is robust with natural wonders—crystalline waterfalls, lush jungle flora and misty mountains—that are the makings of paradise. Unlike much of the Caribbean, Grenada has remained blissfully underdeveloped thanks in large part to its far-flung location and a rather tumultuous history that saw the rich land passed among colonial holders. This is a quiet island destination that is loud in its untouched offerings.

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