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Cap-aux-Meules, Quebec

Cap-aux-Meules, Iles de la Madeleine, Quebec, Canada

A cruise to the Magdalen Islands delivers passengers to a wind-swept archipelago in the St. Lawrence Gulf. Out of all of the Magdalen Islands, Cap aux Meules is the most developed. But to call Cap aux Meules “developed” is a stretch. Incredible nature is everywhere you turn. Stroll the Coastal Trail (Sentier Du Littoral), an easy paved walking trail along the water. A huff and puff up the 185 steps at Chemin Du Quai pays off in extraordinary views. Bring binoculars—over 300 species of birds frequent the archipelago, including Atlantic puffins. Drive 15-minutes to Dune du Sud, a beach with burnt-orange cliffs over the roiling sea. Though a pb&j picnic is tempting, save your appetite for the pride of this tight-knit community—the food. Do a tasting tour of microbreweries, smokehouses and fromageries. Lobster is the specialty, but the herring, clam chowder, meat pies and stew are also musts. If you don’t get to it all, don’t worry. Visitors tend to return again and again.

Top 3 Things To Do In Cap Aux Meules

1 Sentier du Littoral Stroll this easy coastal path to extraordinary views.
2 Dune du Sud Explore red cliffs and caves or take a long walk on the sandy beach.
3 Tasting Tours Taste the hearty cuisine of this remote archipelago.