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An underwater view of the Great Barrier Reef

At Sea (Great Barrier Reef)

The world’s largest coral reef is staggeringly beautiful. As you cruise along the Queensland coastline, you’ll start to understand why the Great Barrier Reef was named one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Above the water are hundreds of coral cays and sun-soaked, white-sand islands, while the thousands of reef systems below water are home to a mosaic of marine creatures. The great reef stretches for 2,300 kilometers (more than 1,400 miles)—about as far as the distance from Vancouver to Tijuana, Mexico. Due to its immense size, it's the only living thing on Earth that is visible from space.

The Great Barrier Reef is a haven for a huge variety of plants and animals. Take time to explore this wonderfully diverse ecosystem by diving, snorkeling or swimming among the colorful coral and marine life. Look for the rich array of flora and fauna on the islands’ beaches and in the rain forests. At night, gaze up in wonder at the multitude of stars that shine crystal-clear in the southern sky. Seeing this UNESCO World Heritage Site up close will be an experience you’ll never forget.