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traditional temple in Japan

Omaezaki, Japan

Cruises to Omaezaki, Japan arrive to a laid-back seaside town in the Shizuoka Prefecture, which is about two hours by train from Tokyo. Rolling hills and wide, wind-swept beaches make Omaezaki a favorite destination for a weekend escape. It offers the best windsurfing in Japan, but if you aren’t up to ride the waves, there are plenty of other things to do in Shizuoka and Omaezaki. Climb the spiral stairs of the Omaezaki Lighthouse to sweeping views of azure water. Stretch out on a sandy, secluded beach surrounded by rippled dunes at Hamaoka Sand Dunes. Visit the market and treat yourself to fresh seafood and traditional Japanese treats. Shizuoka is also world-famous for green tea. Stroll among neat rows of verdant tea at tea fields in Makinohara, a thirty-minute taxi from the Omaezaki port. In early spring, expect cherry blossom festivities at the major attractions. 

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